Business Transformation from Offline to Online


It’s seems fishy that what is business O2O? It’s all about the business transformation from offline to online and vice versa. Let’s get on to the article.

The online presence is raising the importance in various cadres and business is not an exception to this.

It is very important for the business people to convert their business mode from offline to online. As the discussion goes, the main question that rolls on their mind is “How to convert my business online”?

The answer comes in the name of Bizbilla-The leading global b2b portal.

Bizbilla empowers the needs of all the business entities from a coffee shop to a corporate. It’s damn sure that you can make your online business presence as easy as it is in

It’s also been a pretty question that “why we have to go online exhibit their business?” The reason stands with a fact that you can get enormous business enquiries and get connected with the more business leads easily as you go online.

It is very easy to bring your business online in Bizbilla

Here we go, You can join as a “free member” in by filling the details like your name, email-id, password etc…

Now you will get an Email activation link.

After a successful verification, you can join as a free member in bizbilla and create a free website ensuring your online business presence.

Once you become a free member in bizbilla you can post your products, services, buying needs, sell offers for free and get bounteous business enquiries.

Bizbilla have a wide range of manufactures, importers, exporters, suppliers, whole sellers, dealers and distributors to make your business reach worldwide. In spite you run a business in your local city, you can make your business reach worldwide in

It’s dam sure that you can renovate your business to greater heights by joining hands with Bizbilla-The leading global b2b marketplace.


What’s Stopping You “New Renault Duster

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New Renault Design

Power Renault Chennai, The new Renault DUSTER designed for adventure and ready to take on anything. The new dual winged front grille lends a commanding road presence, which is complemented by the distinctive gun metal finish alloy wheels. The bold look is further enhanced by the new hawk eye cluster headlamps with firefly fog lamps, the signature waterfall LED tail lamps and kayak roof rails. Escaping the city was never so stylish.

Enjoy every challenge with best Performance

The new Renault DUSTER comes with India’s first 6-speed Easy-R AMT which delivers a comfortable drive. Furthermore, the driver can change his preference and switch to manual transmission anytime on the drive.

Driving was never so effortless

Power and poise find balance in the new Renault DUSTER. The 210 mm ground clearance, high approach and departure angles, and 4WD with incredible traction mode allow you to conquer any…

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Best Online Marketing Ideas

online marketing ideas

Advancement in technology has paved way to businesses and today they have numerous options to market themselves. But how a company chooses the best way among the alternatives, define their business success. Are you one such business looking for best online marketing ideas? Or Do you need any guidance on marketing tactics? So this is a right place for our discussion…

If you are a new concern planning to get your business presence online, you need to have an official website representing your business. It enables your customer to find you and help you in getting more traffic. Today people highly depend on search engine for their requirements. So what you can do here? Just work on search engine optimization for getting your company profile first, as it will get you easy recognition and more traffic.

For informing your service features to your target audience you can use content marketing tactic as it allow you to develop relationship with your clients and make your products and services known to them. Do give relevant and quality content for portraying your business services to audience. You can also do blogging and give comment for other blogs which too will get more identity. While doing these give valuable messages and replies so that people will follow you and will be interested in knowing your reviews.

And now give your content a great exposure via social media. This platform will take your content and business much closer to your target market socially. You can easily connect and interact with your clients, customers and know their reviews about your services and products. Similarly you can make use of forum for enhancing your business services by sharing your ideas and get valuable guidance. Answering to the relevant questions in Q&A sites will also promote your brand and help you to get connected with your potential customers.

These are some well known marketing tactics for promoting your businesses online. These strategies along with regular follow ups and proper responses to inquires determine your business success.


How to Improve site’s search?


Site search is one of the important aspects of E-Commerce site as it gives information about what your customer look for? Do they get what they search for? Are they satisfied with your sites performance? and related questions. So it’s quite imperative to have good site search option to derive favorable result for your E-Commerce site?

I Have mentioned some of the strategies to improve the site search.

Product Showcase to be Attractive:

Today customers don’t have much time to search things patiently. So it is advisable to have search option for your site so that customer can easily search and hunt their requirement for satisfied shopping experience. Important thing here is to make sure that your site’s search is fast to access otherwise the user get irritated and quit your website.

Attractive Features:

Get attractive features in your B2B E-Commerce site to attract the attention of more viewers and visitors. Use auto complete option, as some the user find it difficult to spell or write the word, in such cases this feature enable them to choose the appropriate word they are looking for. Make effective use of other features like filter, sort and advanced search option to enable easy and fast search by customers.

Images and Content Optimization:

Use quality images and content for your products as this aspect is what going to stimulate user’s buying decision. Attractive images and instructive description induce them to move forward. Even when you don’t have the product the customer search, doesn’t mention no result found instead engage them with related category products they are looking for. Keep your search bar on standard place so that customer can easily get through that. If possible get your search box in all pages for easy accessibility as thing enables them to easy search on their way.

Importance of Reviews:

Reviews should be used around the site where they can influence and help customers. Showing them in site search results helps people to make a faster and more informed decision about the suitability of a product.

Try to learn customers’ point of view, what they need, what they like, what changes they expecting in your sites. Take the statistics of the site’s reviews and customers’ approach.

Hop these points help you to improve your site search and get you more conversion rate for your site.

Why SEO Is Important For Business?


Search Engine Optimization plays vital role in determining website and its information. If you want your business to expand its presence online then you should consider SEO. It is a viable channel that optimize search engines result and improve its rank. This system is all about making your business known to customer and turn them as your loyal customer. It enables your business to meet its objective effectively.

Generally people believe, first page search results are trustworthy for their findings. In such cases good SEO gives more visibility to your business as it improves your search ranking getting your company page on the top of search results. This will increase your traffic as more visitors view your business website which in turn raises your conversion rate. It not only sticks to page ranking even quality SEO improves website usability, users experience and deliver good return when compared to other marketing forms.

Even after achieving top ranking continue doing SEO for improving and sustaining your position against competitors. Top page ranking gains customer’s trust on your business as they believe that the service and information offered by you are reliable. Above all today customers highly rely on internet for all their requirements.

Internet has changed our lifestyle and made things easier than ever as today we search information online even do transactions and shopping online. So, if you want to be found online in this competitive tech world then you should go for proper “SEO”.

Role Of Twitter For Your Business


Twitter is very popular social networking site that is used to share information, expand the network and know the current trend prevailing. This would be the perfect platform for businesses to reach the potential customer and make a business connection across the world. Today, business people have realized the importance of social sites and believe that the social platforms are promoting their business to the great extent.

Getting your business on twitter connect you with potential clients. It informs the world about your business and helps you to get connected with the customers worldwide. Many of your existing contacts may already be on twitter, get connected to them and start tweeting. Write and share interesting tweets to keep your audience engaged and use keywords so that customers can easily find you on search.

You can track your results and can see how many people started following you. When your network enlarges it automatically expand your business reach, drive sales and get an identity to your brand. The best thing in twitter promotion is that it is completely free!!!! No need to spend on advertisements and it makes marketing much easier and productive than ever.

When you get more followers for your business, you can post offers or promotions that get followers attraction and generate your business. Maintain a twitter followings with your prospects so that they will be loyal to your brand and get their feedbacks on your service which may help you to improve in future.

So make effective use of the platform to attract and retain your business clients.

Some best tips to improve your SEO strategies


SEO (Search Engine Optimization), now becomes a hot topic in the Google Searches by the searchers to get more traffic to their online website/business. It plays just 36-40% in its role, but this only gives 75% confidence to the marketers, that with SEO only they get more traffic.

It’s easy to understand the objective, but may not realize how to specifically tie SEO tactics to B2B marketing concepts. Let’s see the secret behind the SEO strategy to improve it.

Should approach the Targeted Keywords:

Framing keywords should be specific to the company brand/products. Without the proper keyword research, then the SEO campaign will be bedeviled to failure. Keywords that you providing for the website should be unique. That means it’s better to take statistics of the client’s thought of keywords researches. Keywords can be unique, long-tail type for high traffic gaining.

Retargeting and personalization:

Many experts believe retargeting will be the key to B2B search marketing success in 2015. B2B buyers actually want and expect personalized messaging. You can accomplish this through the use of retargeting and persona targeting, which let you reach prospects on a more personal, compelling level.

By placing visitors who have not taken action on your site into a remarketing campaign, you will be better able to guide these potential customers further down the funnel.

Enhance the site’s load speed:

It’s a more important factor in search engine rankings and it provide the way of converting the customers to visit your site. If your site is not in perfect speed, then it’s a must to optimize it. There are some tools available to check the site’s load time like Pingdom, GTMetrics, etc.

Benefit-Focused Content and Image optimization:

Once you planned with the keywords phrases you should be clever to build the contents according to that. Because, your keyword, title, URL of your website should correlate with the contents. Prepare an outline based on content research and then match the keywords with each particular section. Of course, only where it makes sense to do so. This way, your chance of ranking high increases because search engines will be able to find relationships between your content and index it for the desired search queries.

Image or video, promotion for both are these are important. Don’t forget to Optimize the images, always create alt tags and write a description in the alt tag.

Include internal linking whenever it’s possible from those authoritative pages to the page that needs a boost., create backlinks for your website.

Earn the links instead you buying them and use that money to content creation to earn or attract the inbound links on your own merit.

Prefer White hat SEO, it’s is more frequently used by those who intend to make a long-term investment on their website. Also called Ethical SEO.